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do I have bed bugs plz help??

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Sun Nov 20 2016 1:39:14

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    Try to make this as short as I can summer of 2015 found out had bed bugs was a nightmare live alone old place was sprayed 6 times by pco during spring of this yr. Was told old place was clean moved new place had just been painted new carpet bought all new furniture except TVs all my clothing was washed dried sealed in totes put new mattress box in encasements been at my new place 6 months finding itchy bumps good sized as well on my body pco has sprayed my place twice and looked before and same reply both times not a sign of bb have not seen one of any size since I moved here only found blood on my sheets twice and on my slip couple times had a Dr. Not a dermo. But a family Dr that said she had seen bite marks before and mine didn't look like it and this was during fall of 2015 with my first infestation so can anyone tell me does this sound like bb or maybe something else any insight would be appreciate ty

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