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Do I have a possible infestation?

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  1. rixxy

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Sun Jul 22 2012 18:45:34

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    Hello everyone. Let's start with a little background, seeing as I've just joined here.

    I'm 17 years old, moving out in 27 days for college. Luckily for me, about 2 weeks ago I was just lying down on the bed using the computer, and a bed bug was crawling around. It must have been a 3rd or 4th stage nymph. And well, I killed it. Told my mom about it in fear of there being hundreds more, but she just told me "You saw it and you killed it. It's gone now."
    Seeing as how it didn't even get the chance to bite me, I realize I must have gotten them from recently sleeping over a friend's house. Maybe they traveled on me or in my purse. Anyway, I continued to sleep in my bedroom. A week went by and I didn't have any bites, so I thought maybe that one bug just got lucky.

    Continuing to hang out on my bed, suddenly I feel something on my arm. There's an adult bed bug feasting itself. I kill that one too. I've heard that most people don't feel them as they bite, but there's the possibility I'm a special snowflake.
    At this point, I know there's a nymph and adult that I killed. I keep sleeping in the bed because I know they're attracted to CO2 and I don't want to spread them around my house, especially if my mother is going to deny their existence. I live with around 6 other people. The house is big but I don't put it past bedbugs to find their food. Maybe a few days after that, I feel more things biting me and I sit up. There are 2 new hatchlings scurrying from where I was just laying. I killed them both. I came to the conclusion, well, we have a problem.

    The next day I did some sheet-searching and found an adult and a 2nd stage nymph just hiding in the folds of my blanket. I thought they were smarter than that?
    I took all of the sheets off and bagged them, put them in the extremely hot sanitary wash cycle, and dried. Did the same with the laundry that was in the room, and transferred it to an unoccupied room's closet for the time being. I cleared most of the things out of my room seeing as I'm moving out in a few weeks anyway, and then I vacuumed.
    Later that night I got a stronger friend to come over and help me lift the full mattress and boxspring. The mattress was completely clear; no droppings, casts, eggs, nothing.

    The box spring on the other hand..
    The side that is oriented closest to the wall, on the very edge, had 2 areas with cast skins and droppings on it. However these areas were no bigger than a thumbnail. My bedframe is metal but the two legs by the also metal headboard are made of wood. Is it true that bedbugs can't climb metal? Is it also true they prefer wood to metal? Has anyone had experiences of finding bed bug eggs on metal? I'm guessing they got onto my box spring from the wooden legs. Just to be safe, I'll be duct taping the wooden legs. However, I have no way of knowing how many are actually inside the box spring, festering away laying eggs..I should probably also mention that no eggs were found in both of the areas with the droppings and casts. Got rid of both of them with tape, by the way.
    Sigh..I just want to believe that the ones I've encountered were the only ones in my room, since the last things that fed on me were just babies and I killed well as all of the ones before them. Found two adults and killed both of them, and killed one nymph, so if both of the adults are gone no one should be laying eggs anymore..
    I captured the ones I found while inspecting with tape and showed my mom, told her that the mattress was clear, and the only place I found any signs of them was the folds of the blanket and the box spring.
    She suggested I have the box spring moved outside to our patio tomorrow during the day and eradicate the ones that might be in it with heat. The only thing is, doesn't temperature have to get ridiculously hot for it to have an effect on bedbugs? I live in NJ and it's supposed to be 80F-99F over the next few days. Would that be enough? I suggested just getting rid of the box spring, but she seems to have some overly sentimental issue with that.

    Getting a PCO isn't really an option right now since my mom doesn't even seem to care. What are some other things I can do that I haven't already to keep them at bay until I can finally convince her? I know I'm leaving in less than a month, but I don't want to bring any of these critters with me or risk spreading them to the rest of my family.

    I wanted to spray the entire inside of the box spring with Lysol (it's covered so I hoped the aerosol would get through the small holes somehow) but I didn't want to witness hundreds of possible bedbugs declare an exodus. I am aware that sprays and rubbing alcohol are not residuals, but I have heard stories of them killing bedbugs on contact. Can anyone verify this? Lysol specific would be even better. I don't doubt it seeing as its a disinfectant, but BBer has some hardcore experts.

    Why isn't it that I haven't found any eggs, especially where the 2 small areas were? Could it be true and I've killed all the ones that I can for now? Is it possible to have bed bug populations under the hundreds? I've heard so many horror stories and it's freaking me out.. If I kill the ones that try to bite me newly hatched though, wouldn't that just decrease the population seeing as how they never got a chance to get to adulthood and reproduce? I found maybe 5-8 cast skins total, which should be like one or two bedbugs that got to adulthood, right?

    Apparently they only feed once a week? I'm staying in my room for now and since vacuuming/laundry/self inspection, none have come out to play. I think they know I'm not playing games with them at this point. No bites either.

    Thanks for answering my various questions and its great to have a forum where people are going through the exact same thing. Puts my mind at ease a little. My mom tried to call me filthy and such, but I know that isn't the case with BBs. They just want some blood, they don't discriminate.
    But they can't be living in my box spring and not pay rent, it doesn't work like that. Thanks so much for all the help and I hope I get this under control soon.

  2. theyareoutthere

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Sun Jul 22 2012 20:39:55

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    I'd be concerned about moving the boxspring out through the house (you might spread them).

    Can you post some pictures? I don't doubt you but it helps the PCOs. I'm not an expert, so I'll stay out of advice other than moving the boxspring.

    = TAOT

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