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Do bed bug bites usually look like this? HELP PLEASE :( + Passive Monitor ?

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  1. cupcake1993

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Tue Sep 9 2014 22:37:46

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    Hi everyone,

    I know bites are not a reliable indicator of bed bugs, but I would really, really appreciate your input on whether or not bed bug bites typically look like this or has anyone had bed bug bites that look like the one in my picture. I wake up in the middle of the night sometimes (once or twice a week) with single perfectly round raised bumps. Sometimes they are red, sometimes they are flesh colored.

    Please help! I'm panicking >_<... school is starting, lots of exams, I don't want to waste any energy panicking over this.

    I have 2 passive monitors installed on the head end of my bed. My mattress is flush and tight against the passive monitors. Monitors have been clean. The monitors are installed against the headboard at the front of the bed with placement confirmed by David Cain. However, the mattress pushes up against the monitor, will that make the monitor less effective? Should I pull the bed out a little?

    Please, please give me some input.

    Also, when I put toothpaste on the bumps, the bumps itch for about fifteen minutes more then stop itching and disappear. People use toothpaste for mosquito bites, but is it unheard of to use toothpaste for bed bug bites?

    THANK YOU!! Answers would be sooooooooo appreciated. Free hugs!! free hugs for everyone who answers!!

  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Wed Sep 10 2014 16:40:36

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    Bed bug bites don't usually look a certain way. They can look different on different people.

    Please read our FAQs, especially the FAQ on bed bug bites. If you look at the photos, you'll see some of them do look like your skin reactions. However, you absolutely cannot diagnose bed bugs from a skin reaction, because other things can cause similar reactions.

    Using bed bug monitors is absolutely the right way to go. I'm not the one to answer your questions on the passive, however. Hope this helps.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."
  3. robinsmom

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Tue Dec 2 2014 21:15:06

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    Have you looked for other signs? Fecal matter, cast skins, blood on the sheets? Can you buy a flea trap to rule out fleas?

    Yes, I have had bb bites look like yours. Are the single bites above a vein? I'm no expert but I know I read somewhere that sometimes single bites happen because the bug finds a good vein and has no need for another bite.

    I can't tell from the picture where the bite is. Leg? Elbow?

    Might you be getting bitten somewhere else?

    Have you thoroughly looked at your matress and frame and sofa?

    I've never tried toothpaste. The three worst bites from bb I got on my neck (confirmed bb--I saw it engorged on my jacket, yuck) were 3 bites that all left tiny bulls long after they healed. No other bite does this to me.

    Hang in there, thank god you have the monitors. And remember, it really might not be bb.

    I'm not an expert just a dumb struggling bed bugger like every body else.
  4. bed-bugscouk

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Wed Dec 3 2014 5:44:28

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    AS long as they are installed flush with the edge of the bed at the head end it will be fine. The headboard stops people from sleeping on the bed in a way that would enable the mattress to block the access to the Passive Monitor so you don't need to worry about that.

    If its been clear for 14 days you need to focus on non BB causes.

    Hope that helps.

    David Cain
    Bed Bugs Limited

    I am happy to answer questions in public but will not reply to message sent directly or via my company / social media. I am here to help everyone and not just one case at a time.

    In accordance with the AUP and FTC I openly disclose my vested interest in Passive Monitors as the inventor and patent holder. Since 2009 they have become an integral part in how we resolve bed bug infestations. I also have a professional relationship with PackTite in that they distribute my product under their own branding. I do not however receive any financial remuneration for any comments I make about pro

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