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    Tue Sep 10 2019 14:46:18

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    Hi all,

    Our PCO is coming tomorrow to do a reinspection. We’ve continued to have some activity after a few treatments (& by a few I mean 6 months of on & off treatment). My boyfriend & I have bit the bullet and want to throw away the bed frame. Because we live in a two story, it’s a little difficult trying to move it out without taking the risk of spreading them downstairs. He is dead set on using “Black Flag” bug spray and spraying it before moving it downstairs with a tarp underneath it. He absolutely will not budge on this.

    I just need to know if we’re completely screwing ourselves over, or is there a chance that this will work? Just enough to get the bed frame out of the apartment. He’s probably going to do it no matter what I say at this point, but I just need to know how screwed we are if we are screwed. This is kind of the last straw with our landlord. If we can show no bugs or a significant decrease through this inspection, then we don’t have to look at moving out right at this moment.

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