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DIY did not work...repost with pics

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  1. jewlzak

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Mon Jun 16 2014 15:25:42

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    So I thought that our DIY treatment would work. For six months I have been checking for return and have found nothing. Well this morning I was laying in bed and there was a little one crawling on the sheets. I captured it and put in a ziplock bag. I have pictures but I cant figure out how to upload them. Anyways here is where I am at now. I don't want to DIY anymore. I want to hire a professional. I have called several places and received quotes from $250 all the way to $2000. I found one person that wanted to do three separate treatments entire house for $335 each time. I feel like that is not that bad and we dont have to pay at once. This will max out my cc. But at this point I feel desperate. My husband is totally fighting me and does not want to pay $1000 for this. He also offers no guarantee. I dont know what to do! We live in Lodi, CA. There are not many reviews out here of people that have them and what PCO worked for them. I am also concerned about the fact that I am six months pregnant. I am soooo worried about bringing home a new baby with all these chemicals that were just sprayed. We dont have much money living and it will just be horrible to pay for this. What do I do?!?!? Do I try the DIY again and just keep doing it every few months. What about the baby?? That is my biggest concern.

    UGGHHH!! I am seriously lost right now.

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