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Dissertation: CimeXa, Alpine, Temprid, Tempo, Transport, Tandem, Phantom

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  1. Ombugsman

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Thu Mar 9 2017 14:39:31

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    This 2014 dissertation, among other things, tested the effectiveness of 9 popular products against 6 strains of bedbugs. Summary of findings:

    All products can be divided somewhat arbitrarily into two groups based on speed of action: fast-acting or slow-acting. Similarly, the relative effectiveness at killing entire populations can be divided into three categories: ultimately effective, moderately effective or ineffective. CimeXa, a desiccant dust, was the only insecticide that was uniformly both fast-acting and ultimately effective. Phantom SC was slow-acting but ultimately effective. The rate of effectiveness to Transport GHP ranged from slow acting to fast-acting but was ultimately effective with variation among populations in shape of the mortality curves. Suspend SC, Tempo SC, Temprid SC and Tandem SC were fast-acting when exposure resulted in any mortality. Transport Mikron was slow-acting, and the efficacy ranged from ultimately effective to ineffective. Alpine WSG was the only insecticide that was uniformly ineffective (Figure 5.1).

    Here is the link to the 138 page dissertation:

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Thu Mar 9 2017 15:01:29

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    Looks helpful! I'll have to bookmark. I'm glad people don't have to just totally guess about this.

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