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disappearing bugs?

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    Long explanation, short question:

    We found bug bites on our persons about one month ago, but assumed they were flea-related due to the presence of stray cats and other various city animals in our backyard. It wasn't until my wife had the idea about a week ago that they might be BB that we looked at our mattress, and boy did we find them. A few were living and really seen, so the first thing I did was to get some BB spray from Home Depot (Hot Shot), and have at them. Then we made more mistakes.

    Next, I encased our mattress and box spring in about 6 layers of painter's plastic each, and took them outside to feel the full fury of a south Texas summer sun. Did the same with the bed rails and headboard.

    Next, we washed the blankets and sheets on the hottest setting available on our washer and dryer, then bagged that up in trash bags and put them outside as well. We were trying to work as quickly as possible because our son sleeps in the same room as we do, but his crib had no evidence nor did he have any bites; they were all located around us. We washed his sheets and blankets anyways, and did a visual inspection on his mattress. After that, we bagged all of our clothes that we weren't wearing or washing, and put them outside.

    Our next mistake was moving out of the room and into the guest room. I spread Vaseline Jelly around the perimeter of the door, and locked it behind me. Then we started doing research online and realized that we did everything wrong. The strange thing is, it's been 7 days now, and we have no more evidence of bites, fecal matter, or discarded husks. I set those glue traps made by Buggy Beds and they caught one young BB and two spiders in the closet of the first room, and nothing in any other part of the house. Then I did a yeast-sugar trap, but the only thing I found was a strong smell of sourdough bread coming from the first room.

    Short question: where did my BB go?

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