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Difficult Apartment Complex - Arizona

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  1. JuxtaposedPink

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Thu Oct 4 2012 3:05:55

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    Hi all,

    I have been lurking on these boards now for the past couple months, shortly after we spotted our first bed bug. First I came here to verify it was even a bed bug, and later I stuck around for the emotional support and tips on how to get through. Here is my story:

    I live in an apartment complex in Tempe, Arizona. I am directly connected to three other units. Earlier this summer, my disabled neighbor alerted the apartment manager that she had bed bugs and then proceeded to throw away all of her furniture and spent the next three weeks at her grandfathers.

    As you can imagine, the bed bugs quickly spread to the three adjoining neighbors after this. I found them mostly in my bathroom, coming out of crevices along pipes and tiny seams in the laminate. They were mostly in this room, with a few occassionally walking in from the front door. We purchased some carpet tape and surrounded our bathroom and front door with them to keep them from spreading, but still heated and stored all other belongings in the house just in case.

    The PCO never inspected our unit, and despite what we told him insisted we take apart our bed fully and lean the bed against the wall so it could be "treated". All other furniture was to be moved towards the center of the rooms, all other belongings were bagged and placed on our patio.

    I never saw a bed bug on the bed. We purchased light sheets and covers two hours after seeing our first bug. I used the carpet tape on our bed legs as an added precaution and launder the bedding every couple days. The ones in the bathroom, however, started to get worse. I physically caught 60 bugs over the course of the 3 weeks of "treatment".

    Eventually, it did start to die down, and three weeks went by with no signs of bed bugs. I saw a few brown spots that freaked me out and I called the office, but when my husband came home to inspect they were just some small totally unrelated beetles so he cancelled the spraying and we went about our business.

    A few days ago, I spotted two hanging out by an air vent. Talking to my upstairs neighbors I discovered they are now fully infested. It appears the bugs are just moving instead of dying. I don't feel safe in our unit any longer. The apartment management and PCO refuse to recognize that the bugs are traveling, they actually said to me, "Bed bugs don't travel through walls." and went into some rambling story about how bed bugs are an epidemic and can crawl onto your purse at a movie theatre.

    I genuinely do not know what to do anymore.

  2. KillerQueen

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Fri Oct 5 2012 13:56:26

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    Sorry to hear what you're going through. Stay on top of management and demand better service and a success story. Contact local housing and find out your rights and force management to do the right thing. You have to find out about local laws before you play your cards.

    Best of luck! Wish I could tell you something better but, that's where I would start. The media would be my next stop if things don't get going the right way.

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