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Difference in treatment of light vs. heavy infestation - expert help needed

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  1. bbmom

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Thu May 25 2017 8:30:01

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    I am hoping to get an advice of the one of the professionals on this forum, who are experienced in treating bedbug problem.

    Is there difference in the treatment approach you do depending on the size of the infestation, number of places alerted by the K9 team, visual signs of infestation? Or regardless whether there are signs of infestation visually detected vs. not detected at all, and no bites reported you do the same course of treatment and treat all the belongings in all the rooms?

    We are killing ourselves trying to get ready for the inspection before the treatment, heat treating everything and bagging, while there were no visual signs of bug activity confirmed by the professional and no bites or live bugs seen by us, except for one on a couch, which could be a hitchhiker. We are required to get a treatment because K9 inspection had a positive on 2 pieces of furniture in our living room (where bug was found) and bedframe and dresser in a bedroom. We removed 3 pieces of furniture, the bed is still there, supposedly with bugs in it. Still no signs of bugs, no bites at all, no fecal matter or skins. The bedframe was examined before K9 inspection to find absolutely nothing, mattresses, which are already encased are pristine. I know dogs can have false positive, but even if they are right, the infestation is very light if we are still not getting bit or seeing anything.

    Can we not heat treat items from furniture not alerted by the dog and items from the kid's room, not alerted? Can we just bag the books, DVDs, files and office stuff? Or are we in danger of cutting corners? We are getting 2 treatments, including localized heat and pesticides.

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