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Did I do enough to get rid of the BB before they get worse??!

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Sun Jul 10 2011 4:24:03

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    My boyfriend and I went on vacation and stayed for two nights in our friends guest bed, and after the second day of being home we both noticed a handful of BB bites on each of our bodies. On the third day of being back home, I found at least three very small BB on my mattress but none on my blankets.

    I've never experienced any signs of BB in my house before this trip, but I found them in my bed about three days after. Is it possible that they manifested that quickly?????

    I hear they can become a quarter inch big, and although I've seen plenty on my mattress they have all been extremely small. I haven't seen any mold or signs of major harboring. This morning (fourth day being home), I immediately removed my mattress and boxspring from the house. I bought a new mattress/boxspring this morning and left them in their plastic wraps. I wiped down the walls near the bed, cleaned vigorously, vacuumed the entire room, and washed my blankets/clothing in hot water as well as drying on high heat.

    Does anyone think that I've done enough??? And that the infestation was minor enough for me to control the problem sufficiently?? I am so nervous and afraid of everything that may be infested, and I cannot afford an exterminator at this moment. Also, I left my infested mattress/boxspring outside in my backyard - is this dangerous to my infestation problem?? I am a very nervous and anxious person and this is driving me crazy!! help !!

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