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dichlorvos safety - residual danger?

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    Posted 10 months ago
    Fri Oct 26 2018 18:21:38

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    On a recent trip I stayed at a place with bedbugs. (I got 130 bites in total and found a few bugs at different stages in the cycle.) In part because I had read horror stories on this forum, I decided to be extremely cautious on returning home: I bagged everything I had on the trip and left it outside, heated what I could, and sealed the rest with Nuvan prostrips.

    I had read on this forum that prostrips at the recommended size aren't 100% effective against bedbugs at all stages in the cycle, so I used a higher concentration. The only size prostrips I could get ahold of were the large (65 gram) prostrips, so I just put one of those in a 240 litre thick-walled garbage bag (double bagged). To be on the safe side, I left them sealed for a little over three weeks.

    Most of the safety information I saw on dichlorovos relates to direct exposure, so I left the bagged prostrips in an unused outside shed. However, now that I've unsealed everything, I'm concerned that there might be a dichlorovos residue on my belongings that it also dangerous.

    I have left everything to air for a while, and I washed what I could. But even the things that have been aired and washed still have the scent (albeit pretty faint) of dichlorovos. Does anyone know of information about whether this is dangerous?

    Thanks in advance!

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