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Diatomaceous Earth Questions

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  1. drewlizard

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Fri May 17 2013 19:14:25

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    I read about this while researching and saw this on amazon. Many ppl who have bed bugs said diatomaceous earth works for it but some say it doesn't. Those reviews that say it works for bed bugs also are amazon verified purchase... which means its legit right?

    This seems to be very cheap $16 for it and lot of good reviews. People mention how bug spray didn't do anything yet this worked for them. Can people here give me their opinion?

    1. Also, is it easy/hard to apply? One person mentioned you need to buy this to apply it


    Is this necessary or not? I seen some ppl mention you could just use a spoon and im confused what is the purpose of this.

    3. So basically if i have bed bugs that bite me when i sleep on my bed at night, then just take a spoon and pour this surrounding my bed? Some ppl mention put it on each of the 4 legs on your bed... however... i dont have that The thing that supports my mattress is a box so how would i do this?
    People say it looks like flour so i just put this around my bed? Do i put this under my mattress or anywhere near there?Basically its like flour and i just put it everywhere in that i suspect it has bedbugs?

    4. Also, how long does one leave these things there for before you clean it up? Do you clean it up once ever week or month and then pour more?

    5. Also, i heard ppl mention you could just pour it everywhere and then go to bed etc. So this doesn't affect your smelling health at all?

  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Sat May 18 2013 1:56:21

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    Please read the DE FAQ as it answers a number of your questions. DE should not be heavily applied (so "pour it everywhere" is not a good plan). The bellows duster is something some have found useful, but is not a requirement. Others use a makeup brush.

    Again, please read the FAQ.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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