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Detecting/dealing with bed bugs in cars?

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  1. naptown

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Fri Oct 9 2015 21:07:09

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    Can anyone advise me about detecting bed bugs in my car?

    I have recently been through bed bugs in my apartment. I waited over 3 weeks after inspection by the pest control company my apartment uses for heat treatment to happen-- doing laundry constantly, living out of bags, doing everything I could think to do to keep from spreading them anywhere else. I was told during the inspection basically not to worry about my car. Some of the things I have read online aligned with that and I WANTED to believe it because it helped me to think of the car as "safe."

    Heat treatment was last week. A few days later, I took an object out of the car and found a bug on it. I threw away everything out of the car that I could stand to part with. Everything else is sealed in a bag (in the car) until I can figure out what to do with it. I vacuumed and steamed the car and I didn't find any more bugs or evidence of bugs while doing so, but frankly I only knew they were in my apartment from spotting a few live ones.

    I'm terrified that they are in the car and will get (or have already gotten!) back into the apartment from the car and then everything I went through for treatment was a waste. Most companies I have spoken to do not have plans available for cars. I found one place that will fumigate it, but it would cost me more than it cost to have my apartment treated and they would have to keep the car for several days. It's not completely impossible, but it is not easy to swing either. I am acting as if both my car and apartment as infested right now. I am especially worried about having the car treated and then finding bugs in the apartment. Advice would be appreciated.

  2. jim danca

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Sat Oct 10 2015 8:12:39

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    You could possibly run CO2 in the car at night along with some traps. You'd have to private message me to give you the amount of sugar and yeast needed.

    PCO and inventor of a bio active bedbug trap

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