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Desperate for help!

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  1. jjlees99

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    Posted 5 months ago
    Fri May 11 2018 10:12:21

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    hi all, I’m a condo owner currently suffering from bed bugs. I’m new to this forum but is now forever grateful for its existence.
    I first moved in to my new apartment three weeks ago. A previous tenant lived here as she continued the contract when the previous owner sold the condo. She has never reported any bed bug infestation or pest problems to me, her new landlord, so I remained assumed all was going good.
    Then the contract ended and I moved in.
    Hence, the nightmare began. My mother began getting unconfirmed bites a week after we settled in. The apartment is a high rise and recently built. All my furnitures were brand new and I have not conducted any recent travels. My previous place didn’t have an infestation.
    Then one night, the housemate living in the spare bedroom found a bug on her wall. We were confused as to what it was, since neither of us had encountered bed bugs before. We googled around and compared its corpse to a bed bug picture. It looked identical.
    I immediately hired a professional exterminator to come in and inspect my unit the next day.. To my understanding, condo owners are supposed to contact management office first as I am an owner, but they were closed for the weekend (discovered the bug on Friday night). Paranoid, I had to react immediately. The PCO was scheduled to come the on the Saturday.
    Meanwhile, I went to the coin laundry and high dried all my clothes, dryable belongings, etc (as google instructed). I pulled apart my bed, threw away old stuff, and stayed up the whole night doing a mini decluttering.
    The exterminator came and did an inspection. He noticed fecal stains, couple casts, and a dead bug. He immediately proceeded to exterminate my two room apartment.
    Now here’s what’s a lil strange to me. I am no expert, and I know each PCO do their things differently, but this PCO didn’t tell me to bag my clothes or my belongings. It didn’t seem to be a severe infestation according to him, and I didn’t even know about bed bugs prior to that day. So he told me to leave everything as it is, expect taking the linens off the bed. I asked if I should encase my mattress and bag my stuff like the internet suggests. He told me that can actually prolong the infestation, as the encasement/bagging protects the bugs and their eggs. He said it’s better if I leave items as it is so the hatched bugs can crawl out, come in contact with the pesticide, and die.
    So I high dried all my clothes and dry cleaned again and put everything back to its original spot as instructed.
    As I dived deeper into the bug-web world, I grew more and more uncertain about this approach. Everyone else seems to be bagging and encasing their mattresses and belongings. In fact, I’m told to continue on as normal. So far the bugs haven’t come back yet and it’s been almost a week. But will this approach increases chance of reinfestarion???? My PCO is very well regarded here in my city, I’m still quite skeptical.
    My apartment is exterminated. What should I do with my belongings?
    Thanks for the help.

  2. hidingbugs

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    Posted 5 months ago
    Fri May 11 2018 17:08:36

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