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Desperate for getting back to normal, can any professionals answer questions?

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  1. BedbugDragon

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Fri Oct 20 2017 23:57:24

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    Found some blood spots on my sheets back in August and one dead bedbug... Checked my bed frame, then found a few in the corner and 3-4 adults on the baseboard around the bed. PCO came, inspected my apartment and others nearby. Mine was the only one with bedbugs, and they were only in the corner of my bedroom and spotted nowhere else in the apartment. I panicked and threw out a ton of stuff before the PCO even came to spray, but kept all the parts of my bed and continued sleeping in it throughout the whole process.

    PCO came and sprayed the whole apartment 3 times (once every 2 weeks), with focused on my bed frame, box spring, and baseboards. I saw one live adult 12 days after the first treatment. After the treatment series was over, I bagged my bed frame and box spring twice, labeled them, and threw them away. My mattress, which appears uninfested, was sealed in a good quality mattress cover to keep whatever might be there inside and any new intruders outside. All of our things were laundered on high heat and bagged before every treatment.

    After the treatment I put cimexa on the baseboards and brand new bed frame, as well as passive monitors on all the legs of my new bed frame. Many things that I could not launder (books, lamps, chair) have been placed in sealed bags with nuvan strips just in case for about 3 weeks, though none of these objects had any signs of bedbugs. I have not seen a live bug since after the second spray, and the one I saw was definitely in the process of dying on my box spring; it was also not an adult, but a 4th instar lymph (I think).

    During the treatment I think I found more dead bugs of other species (lots of assassin bugs, some ants, a few spiders, a cockroach nymph or two [sigh... city life]) than I found dead bedbugs. The landlord and the PCO seemed to think the infestation was pretty minor.

    I have been living out of plastic bags and bins for about 5 weeks post treatment. There has been no signs of bugs since the 2nd spraying, so I have not seen a bug or bug signs for 7 weeks.

    Do you think I can go back to normal now? Would it be crazy to unpack and go back to living my life? The PCO who took care of this seems trustworthy, had good reviews, and a 30 day guarantee. They seemed to think I could go back to normal right after treatment but I wanted to wait to be extra cautious. What is the normal amount of time to wait for them to be gone?

  2. frightened

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Sat Oct 21 2017 4:38:00

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    If the PCO has given uou permission then yes you can unpack. I was so scared that I unpacked small amounts as and when I needed them.
    Do remain vigilant though because you are in an appartment block and were you really the source of the infestation? How did they get there?
    Good luck.

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