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dehydrator in lieu of packtite

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  1. picopalquelea

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Sun Jul 2 2017 21:55:45

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    so I have not yet purchsed a packtite or any of that stuff, mainly bc I'm waiting on the professional (whom I have yet to identify, let alone call, but it's btw 3 or 4) and also bc it costs too much $ for now. As none of thsi will probaly happen till after the July 4th weekend am doing what i can with what i have

    i have a Nesco food dehydrator that heats things up to 160 degrees. It comes with 4 or 5 trays, but also it fits perfectly on top of a large trash can I have

    i have taken some jewelry, etc and took it to 145 degrees for an hour and so far it seemed OK

    next i will try to put shoes & other random stuff in the trash can, with a thermometer at the bottom (the trash can is 3x as deep as the dehyodrator trays) and leave them in there at 145 or even 160 for 3 hours or so. I might even get some of the human thermometres i have and stick them in the shoes, etc to see if the heat thing happens (although these might break i don't know how high a human thermometre goes up to, but i DO need to go to the $ store and buy some thermometres)

    i guess i would wonder if anyone heere has every done something like that? I searched and nobody has really used a dehydrator

    also is it true that it is NOT AT ALL EFFECTIVE to bag things and put them in your hot car all day long??? I was going to do that with clothes and books, oh well

  2. bugged-cdn

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Wed Jul 5 2017 19:07:40

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    Why did you think you had to heat treat jewelry? You could just inspect it.

    "is it true that it is NOT AT ALL EFFECTIVE to bag things and put them in your hot car all day long?"

    Yes it is true.

  3. BigDummy

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Thu Jul 6 2017 7:36:44

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    Unless your car is on fire.

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