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Dead nymph on cat - old dead bug in fur or new hatchling?

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  1. UKbugs

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    Posted 10 months ago
    Fri Nov 16 2018 20:19:11

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    My cat was laying on the bed earlier and jumped down when I saw some suspicious ‘bits’ on the bed - have had 3 bed bug treatments since July but not seen bugs since August. . I checked the bed and found a tiny speck which I could have easily discarded but looked through a magnifying glass. The speck looks like a bed bug nymph and I am assuming my cat killed it by scratching her fur. My partner insists there are no bed bugs and this is an old dead one, however I am still experiencing what I think are bites, I’ve checked everywhere and got a passive monitor under the bed but can’t find anything. I cover up but wake up with red spots on my upper chest and face and occasionally my ears. It’s really depressing. The nymph looked darker towards the head part though not the body which most pictures show. What’s the likelihood in an old dead nymph stuck in my cats fur for 5 months..? She does have trouble washing due to arthritis but still..

  2. BigDummy

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    Posted 10 months ago
    Sat Nov 17 2018 1:39:06

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    It doesn't sound like a bed bug as described. The timeline doesn't fit either. Continue to monitor the situation for a few weeks if that helps with the anxiety. Maybe inspect no more than once a week for the next month, but don't obsess, after one month of no cast skins or live samples you've done your part, no more bed bugs.

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