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Dead bed bugs months after chemical treatments

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  1. hopelesslycleaning

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    Posted 6 months ago
    Mon Feb 4 2019 2:25:36

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    In June of 2018 we found a few dead bed bugs. A relative of ours recommended a professional pest control service to us and they came to inspect and see the extent of our problem. Around 20 bugs were found, mostly dead but about 3-5 alive. They treated every twice at two week intervals with no trace of alive bugs, only dead. They could not determine a trace or cause, and it was limited to our living room. Most bugs were in the floor near our window.

    We just found 3 dead bed bugs in the same location today. No other sightings, just three bugs in the floor by our window/floor boards. I am freaking out because 1. I still don’t know how they came in (we live in a house and nearest neighbors do not have these issues) and 2. I don’t know if these bugs were just killed following our treatment. We checked for several weeks following treatment and just now noticed the dead bugs. Should I have the exterminator come back again or are they simply dying from our previous treatment?

  2. loubugs

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    Posted 6 months ago
    Mon Feb 4 2019 7:16:52

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    Did you retain any specimens of these bugs? Take a picture if you have any? Best if you set the phone/camera to highest resolution and largest picture size.

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  3. SalsaVince

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    Posted 6 months ago
    Mon Feb 4 2019 9:34:08

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    If they are in fact bed bugs and you haven't had any signs since last summer and all you found were dead bugs, you should be fine still. However, their location seems unusual. Bed bugs are typically found near furniture where you spend a lot of time like sofas, recliners, beds. Is there any furniture by that window? Is there a crawl space or something under those floor boards that could house birds or some other kind of animal that would attract blood feeding insects?

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