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DE all over the room for a week to kill bed bugs

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  1. mandy_kt

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Tue Oct 16 2018 8:03:11

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    We have been getting bed bug bites from Sofa and our bed at night. We looked at every single corner but couldn't find anything. The bites are in pairs or in 3's and become welts on both my husband and I. So we definitely feel these are bed bugs.

    As a first step approach, we emptied our infected bedroom. Put all our linen in garbage bags and are washing them and drying on hot cycles. We have taken apart everything, including chest and have generously sprinkled everything with DE. We plan to leave it there for a week (not using the room). Then, will vacuum every corner and steam clean, and put mattress encasements.

    Meanwhile, we moved to another uninfected room. We are being very cautious in not bringing anything from outside to that room, including the clothes we wear..
    We have also spread DE on door entrances and around the vents.

    Does this sound like a good strategy?

    We have sprinkled our sofa with baking soda. Can't use DE there as we have a 13 month old crawling everywhere. We plan to start steam cleaning the sofa as well.

    Any feedback on the strategy? Since we never saw the real bugs, I am assuming our infestation wasn't as bad...

  2. BigDummy

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Tue Oct 16 2018 9:00:40

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    No, that's not an effective plan, many errors. You'll need to confirm that bed bugs are the issue, bites should never be used to confirm.

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