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DDVP strip too strong? And how to air out afterwards?

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  1. icabodisitchy

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    Posted 7 months ago
    Sun Jul 15 2018 13:22:41

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    A few quick questions.

    I plan to treat one plastic storage tote and one contractor bag of stuff with DDVP strip. I bought the 65g Hot Shot strip, because that’s all Home Depot had, and I didn’t want to spend $30 buying a dozen strips 16g online when I only need one. But the strip is for 900-1200 cubic feet, and my tote and bag are maybe 50 cubic feet together. Is this strength of strip way overkill? Even the 16g strip would be way stronger than what I need. Would I have to cut even the 16g strip into smaller pieces? Does that screw up its functionality? I don't know what these strips look like when taken out of the sealed package. Could I cut the 65g strip into, like, tenths? And if I did cut it, how would I store the remainder of it, to avoid the DDVP leaking out?

    Alternately, does anyone know of anywhere I could buy ONE or a few 16g DDVP strips, instead of a dozen? Would a local exterminating company sell a single one to me? (I have no PCO, the apartment maintenance guy spray-treated my place himself. Landlord will not pay for a professional inspection, and I don't care to shell out the money, either. I never had a full-blown infestation, though, just a handful of bugs, and I have seen none since the spraying two months ago. I just need to treat some bagged items that were not exposed to the pesticide.)

    Also, does this sound acceptable for airing it out afterwards: take tote and bag outside for 10 minutes and open them, then take back inside into apartment bathroom, open the window, and run a fan pointing towards the window? I can't leave my stuff outside, the neighbors will steal it.

    Thank you!

  2. Bugsareicky

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    Posted 7 months ago
    Sun Jul 15 2018 13:41:22

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    I'd follow the directions on the label. That strip is far too strong for what you're trying to do. It would be used for a vehicle, or storage unit or some such thing, not a tote bin. Pest strips can be deadly if they're used incorrectly, so I wouldn't mess around cutting them up. Not to mention you'd be taking a gamble on whether or not you used enough to kill the suckers. Buy a strip intended for smaller spaces. Make sure your tote bin is completely air tight...most of them are not. That stuff leaking into your apartment would not be a fun time. If you absolutely must air the stuff out in your bathroom after bringing it outside, place it there with the fan, close the bathroom door, and go out for several hours. If it doesn't kill you, the smell will make you wish it had. lol

  3. bugged-cdn

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    Posted 7 months ago
    Sun Jul 15 2018 19:26:15

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    As Bugsareicky pointed out, DDVP is deadly if improperly handled or used. Follow the instructions to the letter (the instruction sheet details the proper airing out procedure as well).

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