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Cryonite and White Powder

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    Mon Oct 11 2010 14:09:44

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    I didn't find this site until after getting my house treated, but now I wish I had! We live in the western suburbs of Chicago in a single family home. My baby was getting bitten, I called a bed bug exterminator. he sprayed my entire house with cryonite and also put a white powder down in every room. 6 days later we got more bug bites but the company said to wait 10 days before calling. I called again and this time they didn't bother with the cryonite, they just put down another white powder. This happened 2 days ago, my baby is still getting bitten, and each time we put down the powder it is a MASSIVE clean up 2 to 3 days later, and i have no place to really play with my baby and 2 year old. I have a 6 month warranty with this company and paid a LOT of money. I would prefer to not have to pay another company, but this one only does cryonite and this white powder. What should I do? Also, I now believe that my car has been infested. My daughter got a bite after we had been in the car an hour and a half and hadn't been in our own home all weekend. Should I hire the dogs who detect bed bugs to find out where exactly they are? I'm at my wits end and am about to cancel my son's birthday party because I can't have people in my house with these bugs

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