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Crazy apartment

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  1. A.diede

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Wed Jan 18 2012 1:01:18

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    Around june I decided to take a leap and get an apartment on my own...
    When I was signing the lease they made me sign a paper saying that if I get bed bugs its my responsibility to pay to get rid of them...
    Of course I signed the paper bc I mean I thought whats the chances i'll get them...
    A few months later I realized why they made me sign that stupid paper...
    I had been getting eaten alive in my apartment... And the front office was telling me that they were so sure it was fleas so bed bugs never crossed my mind.
    After bombing the apartment numerous times I was still being bit so they called an exterminator to come out and check my apartment... Nothing. I heard nothing about it so I thought they had taken care of the problem.
    I was still being ate up like no other....
    Finally I took it into my own hands and told them to call the exterminator again and I wanted to be there when he came....
    He walked in took one look at the end of my bed saw the fecal matter and said bed bugs.
    I burst into tears... A few says before that I had told the apartments that I was breaking my lease... So now I was terrified to take anything out.
    that day I called off work and spent all day at the laundry mat washing every article of clothing I own. And since that day have yet to go back to my apartment to get the rest of my stuff.
    All of this just happened over the past couple weeks and they told me today they have to do a second treatment.
    now bc I knew I was having bug problems from the beginning I never got furniture... All I had was my bed which we threw away and in the bulk garbage what did I see a bunch of furniture... Most of which looked perfectly fine...which only leads me to believe theyre having a bed big problem and not taking responsibility for it...
    I'm now staying at my grandmas and have been since like two says after xmas... and I'm constantly paranoid that they somehow traveled here with me. I don't have any bites and
    I've seen no sign of them.... But I constantly feel like I can feel then crawling on me and everytime I have an itch my heart races... even though now I know dry skin bc of the weather... I'm constantly depressed bc of it all and I find myself showering at least once a day... I check my bed every night and still barley get any sleep....
    I don't know where to go from here I know this wasn't my fault but I'm getting all the blame not to mention the bills.... I hate this.

  2. BedBugSpecialist

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Sat Jan 21 2012 18:39:30

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    I would have a K-9 company do an inspection. The inspections are generally around $100.00 but it is worth it, and it will help calm your fears. The next time you think about moving into a specific apartment complex and they inform you that you need to sign a paper stating that you will pay for the bed bug treatments, I would look for somewhere else to live.

    In my opinion: If a rented unit has bed bugs -being it is the landlords property- it is therefore the landlords problem. Renting an apartment is no different than renting a hotel room. If the hotel room has bed bugs, the owner does not charge the guest.

  3. buggyinsocal

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Sat Jan 21 2012 19:13:57

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    I'm not sure what city you're in (and I would caution you to be very careful posting any identifying information here. If it's a big city, posting the city is okay if you're comfortable doing so. If not, I wouldn't post it.), but I would urge you to get in touch with the local tenants rights group.

    Many, many landlords are good, honorable people who want to do the right thing. But there are some landlords who are totally unscrupulous. It is possible that the laws in the city in which you rented the apartment require that landlords pay for pest control and that the bed bug provision you signed is not legal.

    However, breaking a lease is something that should not be done without talking to a lawyer and/or a tenants rights group even if you're breaking the lease because your landlord did something illegal first (At least in most cases.)

    Hang in there. Reach out to the people who know the specifics of the law in your area. You will get past this.

  4. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Sun Jan 22 2012 2:30:34

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    BedBugSpecialist - 7 hours ago  » 

    In my opinion: If a rented unit has bed bugs -being it is the landlords property- it is therefore the landlords problem. Renting an apartment is no different than renting a hotel room. If the hotel room has bed bugs, the owner does not charge the guest.

    I get that this is your opinion, but the laws actually do vary on whether landlords or tenants pay for bed bug treatment, so people should educate themselves about this by checking local laws.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."
  5. bed-bugscouk

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Sun Jan 22 2012 3:43:17

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    Check the local laws is the only sane advise on moving forward.

    I would also suggest that you speak to all adjoining neighbours, if there is an ongoing issue in the building then its further grounds for you to say the clause in the lease was put there because they either knew of an existing issue or that a previous reoccurring issue has lead them to this path of action.

    In the UK the landlord is responsible for bedbug control unless they put a full system in place, the components of which must include:

    • Education of the issue
    • Specific legal terms relating to roles and responsibilities
    • an effective monitoring solution so they can prove it was bedbug free on day 1

    Without all these steps in place the landlord can not prove a due diligence defence should the occupant later accidentally introduce bedbugs such as through a hotel stay or vacation.

    The reality is that very few are this proactive unless they have had to face an issue in the past but at least the second / third / fourth or even fifth time to the rodeo they get organised.

    UK law is quite different to the US though mainly due to the fact that most acts of parliament apply to the whole country rather than local laws.

    Hope that helps.

    David Cain
    Bed Bugs Limited

    I am happy to answer questions in public but will not reply to message sent directly or via my company / social media. I am here to help everyone and not just one case at a time.

    In accordance with the AUP and FTC I openly disclose my vested interest in Passive Monitors as the inventor and patent holder. Since 2009 they have become an integral part in how we resolve bed bug infestations. I also have a professional relationship with PackTite in that they distribute my product under their own branding. I do not however receive any financial remuneration for any comments I make about pro

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