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Court Case Research

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Mon Jan 23 2012 20:56:55

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    I am not a lawyer. This information was learned from my lawyer a while ago. For most cities/states, just google city (or state) + court cases + online and you have a good chance of finding the online court system. You google state since many of the courts in the state are on the same online system.

    In most cities of 25,000+, you can do some sort of online research on court cases. This doesn't give a lot of information, but you can find out if a potential landlord is always in housing or small claims court. It may just mean they have a lot of properties. But, if you see a lot of detainer language, that means eviction.

    In NYC, for example, which uses ecourt (like a lot of larger cities do). It looked free to me since I did a search on large property management company:

    LA charges so I didn't provide the link.

    I was surprised how much some states charge. Alabama is $9.99 per case for the one case lookup (vs. having an account like a law firm):

    Arizona has a nice easy system. You can kind of tell what's going on from the details in the case:

    etc etc. For people who research too much, this may not be a good thing. You really can't learn much, or just a little, depending on the system. I think it's best for small landlords where you can see if they are in court a lot. To find out the landlord's name, go to the property tax records (which is also online)...although it should be on your may just be the management company.

    Good night.

    = TAOT

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