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Could use some talking down wrt "bites" (anxiety and paranoia)

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  1. tastytobugs

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Tue Sep 1 2015 22:12:00

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    I am so ragged from all of this that I am hoping one of you will be able to discount what my ridiculous brain is trying to tell me:

    Mainly, that I could have sustained two bites over the course of six minutes whilst upright and clothed.

    Today was my day off, which I spent very comfortably and relaxedly out of my home. When I got home, I had a weird interaction with a housemate which left me feeling rather anxious, and I immediately went upstairs to my room to go to bed.

    My nightly routine is this: I turn on all the lights, check my climbups for evidence, and then gently tug up my box-spring encasement from where it sits in the bedframe to check for activity. I do this standing, with my body angled away from the bed, just in case. (Furniture and under-bed checks are done weekly.)

    I have, if any bugs remain, an admittedly very small infestation (visual confirmation of only 6 individuals, 4 of them nymphs, in 3 months), so I have yet to see any evidence outside of what I already knew to be there. The whole checking routine now takes me about five minutes.

    However, when I stepped back to get undressed, I was immediately itchy on my left knee and the back of my right calf. There's now a small raised spot on my knee, and two distinct spots, one right atop the other, on my calf. I had not even allowed my body to touch the mattress, at this point.

    Could I be psyching myself out and causing myself stress hives (the stress of dealing with bedbugs combined with the weird housemate interaction) or something similar? Could these be delayed reaction bites, that just decided to show up when I already had bugs on my mind? Was it probably just a mosquito?

    Tangentially, I'd like to know if a person can have immediate AND delayed reactions to bites?

    I know this must sound silly, but I have pleaded with my landlady to get an exterminator in and she pretends that our conversations never happened, so I am left to deal with this on my own. I can barely sleep, and it's only adding to my paranoia.

    Any input would be extremely appreciated! Thank you!

  2. FormerlyBuggy

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Thu Sep 3 2015 3:13:41

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    The itchiness could be due to anything. It takes bed bugs a few minutes to feed and they can't bite through clothing, so it's very unlikely what you experienced was an bed bugs biting you at that moment while you were checking the bed.

    Sounds like you have a good monitoring protocol is place, so try to relax and not worry too much.

    I am NOT an expert - just a grateful bed bug survivor willing to share my experience, strength, and hope with others.

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