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Could this be a bed bug? Please help me!!!!!

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  1. bedbughateforever

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Mon Aug 8 2016 1:04:49

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    Hi there,

    Im super desperate from my bed bug attack experience. I am restless and almost sure i have bed bugs but would love to know the truth.

    I visited a friend's place one night two weeks ago and saw she had bed bugs- came home the next day and didnt think I would catch any. Waited 24 hours to wash all my belongings. In a day or so I developed bites turned into hives. Still not sure whether those bed bugs had made their way into my bedroom.

    I did find tiny tiny minuscule black bugs (2 of them) crawl up on my mattress as soon as I sat on it. When pulling apart my bed yesterday I saw teeny tiny black bugs (1 or 2) in my box spring corner protectors. I panicked and vacuumed them up rather than taking a photo.

    SO just now i captured a teeny tiny bug crawling up on my mattress even after putting a protector on it. It was kind of light pink and translucent colored which is why my initial reaction to it was bed bug: because it could have had its blood meal still inside.

    The shape of the body looks narrower than a bed bug though, i cant tell because its so small but i tried to get photos:

  2. loubugs

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Mon Aug 8 2016 6:38:36

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