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could there possibly be only 1 bed bug?

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    Posted 6 months ago
    Sat Feb 9 2019 13:45:19

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    hi all!

    2 days ago, my roommate caught a live bed bug crawling on her bed frame. Her bed already had a mattress cover on it. I inspected my bed and box spring, and have not seen any of the typical signs. 3 other people looked at my bed as well, and did not see anything. No one in the apartment has any bites. We told the landlord and sent a picture to the exterminators, who confirmed it was a bed bug. We had the first treatment yesterday, and will have a 2nd one in 2 weeks. There was no full inspection since a live on was found. Anyone have a similar experience, and came out ok?

    My nerves are shot and I am pretty broken down. All of my belongings are in bags, and haven't had much sleep in the past 2 nights. tonight, I will be sleeping in my apartment. I am so happy there is this forum, because I don't think people get it unless they have been through it.

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