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Confused newbie please help!

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    Posted 2 months ago
    Wed Jul 17 2019 7:55:57

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    1st bite: 5/30
    Getting bites everyday for 3 weeks and no sign of bb on my bed
    After 3 weeks I moved to my couch and no bites for a week
    2 PCOs went to our apt and found nothing.

    7/1 1st Treatment
    7/4 2 Nymph BB (Bed and Sheets) 1st Time to actually see bb
    7/5 1 Nyphm BB (Couch)
    7/5 Threw my mattress, box spring and pillow as what my landlord wanted

    7/6 2nd Treatment (They found no sign again)
    7/7 Sunday 1 Bite PM
    7/9 Tuesday 1 Bite AM
    7/11 Thursday 1 Bite AM

    7/12 Friday 3rd Treatment (New PCO)
    7/14 Sunday 1 Bite PM
    7/15 Monday 1 Adult BB (LR Window)
    7/16 Tuesday 1 Adult (in my couch sheet when I was about to sleep last night!)

    My landlord is not very educated about bb and thinks I keep on bringing them in from outside and I just don’t trust her PCOs - no record in Yelp, BBB and in Google.

    Should I hire my own PCO now or try a DIY treatment?

    Hiring PCO concern: Since we couldn’t find the source where they are hiding then maybe the PCO might not be effective again but they offered me 2 treatments (chemical + steam) with 1 free if I found bbs after.

    DIY Treatment:
    Started to put DE in my BR and living room. Just ordered ClimbUp in amazon and I also have a mattress encasement even though I don’t have a bed! Lol What is the most recommended spray in the forum? Should I buy a steam also?

    I’m torn between doing a DIY first or hire a new PCO because if one of them fails then I need to shell out money on the other option again.

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