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confused- failed prevention?

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    I tried everything I thought I needed to destroy the risk of getting bed bugs from a hotel.

    One week later, I had tiny flat pinkish red marks randomly disbursed on my legs, moderate-serious itching (in a widespread area), one blood stain on my mattress cover, confirmation through the bed bug registry that hotel has had bed bugs as recently as a year ago, and a whole lot of anxiety. Now it's been three weeks and I still have itching and marks.

    I know it is a little early to be upset, but I can only do light physical activity without getting hurt and I don't have anyone who would be able to help me get rid of bed bugs if I had them. Anyone who is willing to read sort of a novel and give me your input would be highly appreciated. I understand it's only opinions

    When I got to the hotel, I was very tired and the only thing I did was to briefly check the headboard, mattress edges, and under the bed. And when I got back from my trip, I washed everything in hot water and dried everything except for my shoes, which I tried to put in a hot car but that's probably not enough (I read something saying that it was at the time). And I sprayed non-cloth items with rubbing alcohol. I didn't have any signs of bites at the time.

    I went to the doctor a few days after the marks started appearing, and she ruled out scabies. Antihistamines didn't do much to stop the itching. I've set up active monitors, and after 3 days of leaving my apartment I haven't found anything. (How much can I rely on them?) I've looked as thoroughly as I can, looking under the mattress, on the other side of my headboard, around the edges of the mattress, etc. I really, REALLY don't want to tell my landlord if I don't have a reason to be worried, because I'm pretty sure the lease said I'm responsible for paying for everything. And I'm moving to another unit soon. And my landlord is in the process of showing my current apartment.


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