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Confused About Monitors

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  1. distressedchef

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Fri Apr 6 2018 22:53:40

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    Have had evidence of bites for about 10 days now, no hard BB evidence by PCO (pretty much only looked at my mattress, box spring, and leather couch in den)...I found a couple of rusty bloodspots. PCO did find evidence of carpet beetles. I ordered monitors because I need to know. My suspicions were heightened by the light rusty blood on pillowcase. I remember reading in the forums that many have used the combo of Pac Tite Passive monitors and ClimbUp Interceptors with good results ~ however, tonight Im reading that David and others do not think the combo should be used together. Uh oh. I've just installed both...two passives on head and side of box spring and Climb Ups on all four bed legs. Have encasements but not using yet (not sure I chose the best ones ~ wasn't educated yet 😉). I know that no true ID is possible until I find bugs, casings, and/or fecal. Why are these two forms of monitors not recommended together ? Trying to stay calm and do this right but moving through phases of forced calm, internal hysteria, and a desire to wake up from this possible bad dream. Any explanations would be helpful. Thanks to all who make these forums full of information possible.

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