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Confirmed bug and Scared in Ontario

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    Hi everyone, I've been a reader since July but worked up the nerve to post now. This is a very informative site, and I'm extremely grateful it exists.

    Here's a bit of background: I found bed bugs in my apartment in July. The landlord did do one treatment, confirmed that it was a light problem, but refused to treat adjacent units (I saw one walking in from my front door and one in my bathroom, both by the hallway, I think they were coming in as I do not travel and no one I knew had them). Learning this, I took what few items of laundry I could, washed in hot/dried in hot and went to live with my boyfriend and gave my two months notice. Now it seems that all of a sudden, in mid-september, my boyfriend has a problem. I noticed two areas of bites on my back almost two weeks ago and wondered if it was a problem again. We had a man from Abell come in yesterday and he found no live bugs, no traces whatsoever and gave us a clean bill of health. I woke up tonight to use the washroom and found and trapped a live bed bug (I know what they look like for sure after I found live bugs in my apartment). I cannot believe I am going through this, again, and now he is too.

    I was EXTREMELY vigilant not to bring anything dirty in with me. I washed everything, including my shoes and put it in a garbage bag right from the laundry room. Any time I did have to go back to dispose of things/clean up, I would strip my clothes at his back door, bag them, leave them out there and shower immediately and wash those clothes after my shower. My boyfriend had a guest over a few weeks ago (3-4) who I noticed had the characteristic three bites on his face- he will be asking his guest tomorrow if he's had any problems. Also, the floor below us in my office building had a bed bug problem but apparently treated it as soon as they saw it. I have not talked to my boss about this at all and I am afraid to.

    My boyfriend's landlord was at first under the assumption that he could just spray the baseboards, but he seems more amenable to the idea of having a professional do the job (steaming and spraying an insecticide that dries after 4 hours and continues to protect but is not poisonous). My boyfriend lives in an old, small apartment building, and the landlord does not like the idea of telling the other tenants what is happening, but they need to know and they should be inspected. He also did not seem keen on the idea of treating multiple units and he thinks that all the pest companies are out to rip people off during this epidemic. I hope I can convince him otherwise. Tips on this?

    In the meantime, I was supposed to move out into my own place, but I do not feel comfortable moving yet again and risking moving these suckers too by going back and forth. But if a pest control agency couldn't even see the signs, how do we know if they're finally gone and I can move after treatments? I don't make a ton of money and already shelled out quite a bit to deal with the problem at my old apartment, so I am a little drained on funds. I also don't want to make that dry ice trap for $50 as we have pets and they would certainly knock it over. We cannot keep them out of the bedroom as the door is faulty and they are adamant about opening it.

    The other concern: I've read the travel FAQs and followed them to the T when I moved to my boyfriend's place, but here I am dealing with Bed Bugs again. As soon as I noticed bites, I started keeping my cleanly washed (in hot/hot) clothes in tied up garbage bags up off the ground and my shoes outside up on a window sill and not wearing them into the apartment. I try to get dressed as close to leaving the apartment as I can before I go to work. Realistically, is this enough? I don't think we're facing a massive infestation if a professional could see no signs, so I'm hoping this is ok.

    I am terrified that, even with being extremely vigilant, I brought them here and they are impossible to not spread. I haven't been sleeping well, it is interfering with my well-being (I suffer from anxiety and am going back to see a counsellor for this) and my relationship is starting to suffer some stress. While he doesn't blame me, he also doesn't understand my anxiety- he sees it as a problem that needs to be solved. I wish I could be as logical and calm! People keep talking about what great hitchhikers they are, and I just need to know that while we are solving this problem, there is hope that I can go to work/visit with family and not spread it to them. I'm reading so many horror stories, and I need some hope that this is do-able. Please help!!!

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