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Cleared by K9 visit, but will remain vigilant

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  1. Cheezwiz

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Mon May 29 2017 17:56:09

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    So after being on pins & needles for the past week or so, a PCO with canine came to inspect my suite.

    I was relieved to see that although very young, she was knowledgeable and professional. I explained the circumstances of my discovery (finding a lone bug running around in my bathtub, with no other signs of infestation). She went through my suite with the dog, and also took a look at my mattress and box-spring. No sign of anything on my bed, and the dog did not alert to anything in my apartment. After looking at the specimen I caught she noted that it appeared to have been unfed for a long time.

    I showed her the ceiling vent & exposed pipe in my bathroom & she agreed with my concern (posited by David Cain & Louis Sorkin) that it could have come from an adjoining suite, and will recommend inspection of the two suites that adjoin mine, as well as a possible third.

    I was also pleased that she's recommending my suite be dusted by a technician while they assess what, if anything, might be going on with the neighbours.

    Somewhat relieved, but will be on high alert for some time to come. Fingers crossed that my building owner will follow their recommendations and inspect the other suites. Hoping my building manager will tip me off - she seems to be on board with me, which is good.

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