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Cleaning after the 1st treatment?

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  1. sleeplessinUES

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Mon Nov 29 2010 13:59:46

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    Hi Everyone,

    This website has been a Godsend! My question is for those of you who have already undergone treatments. I live in NYC and had my first treatment on Friday (Happy Thanksgiving to us!). I know that we need to keep everything bagged, and our PCO (who was INCREDIBLE!) told us to hold off on vacuuming/mopping/etc until just before the second treatment. My question is, what is ok to clean and what is not? Can I dust? Can I dry swiffer non-perimeter areas of the floor? I don't know if I can live in bags AND have a horribly dirty floor for the next three weeks!

    Any tips are appreciated.

  2. so unsettling

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Mon Nov 29 2010 15:08:47

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    Best to go by what the PCO says. I did almost none of my usual cleaning throughout 3 treatments. I just worried that I might interfere with a residual that was still working. Those bags are tough, but you get used to them after a while. I think I might always use them now, although eventually I will put the bags in my dresser.

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