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chemical that alters or kills the eggs?

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  1. jannifer20

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    Posted 11 years ago
    Sun Aug 31 2008 19:35:42

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    One of the CPOs that I talked to uses a chemical that alters or kills the eggs.
    Does anyone know what it is or anything about it?


  2. buggyinsocal

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    Posted 11 years ago
    Sun Aug 31 2008 21:02:52

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    I'm not a PCO. There are several chemicals that can affect or kill eggs. I think it's Bedlam that kills some, although not 100% of the eggs. Search the forums for threads on eggs and the conversation ought to come up.

    Also, there are a group of chemicals called IGR. They affect adult bugs in a very particular way. IGRs affect adult bugs by causing any eggs those bugs are carrying to be defective when those eggs are hatched. The IGR used in my place was called Archier, I think.

    The reason that eggs are so hard to treat is that IGRs do not affect any eggs that bugs have already laid, and Bedlam (or whichever pesticide it is) does not kill 100% of eggs. High heat, esp. high dry heat, will kill eggs, but you can't get those temperatures in a place you live without hiring a professional to do it or properly steaming absolutely anyplace a single egg could be.

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