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caulking the baseboards

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  1. veronicalynne

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Wed Oct 20 2010 2:07:44

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    I asked the landlord to caulk the baseboards before the heat treatments so they couldnt run there but he didnt do it because he said he was told to do it after the treatment. The problem is that the night after the treatment I noticed 2 bb trying to come out from one baseboard where they must have been protected from the heat. I killed them and then duct taped the baseboard but am still waiting for the landlord to come do the caulking. I am petrified that I may have missed one or two and we will end up having an infestation again. We havent had any bites or seen anything since then so my question is do you think it is a waste of time to caulk the rest of the baseboards? We have been dealing with these damn things for 6 months now with 5 sprays and 2 heat treatments and I am getting so discouraged and depressed. Please help.

  2. spideyjg

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Wed Oct 20 2010 8:38:41

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    The thermal could have caused enough expansion to damage the caulk junctions. Not caulking prior to and examining any existing caulking after thermal is prudent.

    Oh crap will ThermaPure sue me now?


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