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Cast skins in my packtite?

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  1. help_me

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Tue Jul 12 2011 17:17:53

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    I mustered up the courage today to do something I've long put off having to do since getting my Packtite back in December. I cleaned it out. My hands were shaking so bad once I started examining what I was piling up at the bottom. One dead adult and one almost adult, dead. I am really scared because there are lots of cast skins. Not only does this scare me because I now have to worry things have or had been thriving in there but it makes me more afraid other things I've found from time to time are in fact cast skins as well.

    If they were just dying in the Packtite there'd be no shedding going on,. Once again I now know there were bed bugs around, on our stuff, that was put into there, where I didn't know there were. That's scary. Granted I have Packtited hundreds of hours of stuff since getting it, it's the not knowing that frightens me most.

    A couple weeks ago the dog was here and found nothing. I am still not less anxiety ridden even then. This is really not a good way to go through life, seriously.

  2. djames1921

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Tue Jul 12 2011 19:06:30

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    If you had bed bugs in your stuff, you most probably had cast skins in your stuff as well. These have settled to the bottom of your unit. This seems to be the most logical conclusion. For your nymphs to have grown and shed their skins, they would have to have a meal. Meaning the nymphs would have to leave the packtite, feed, return to the packtite and shed their skins in between you heating up the unit and its contents to temps that will kill them. Not gonna happen. If those skins were shed by bed bugs harboring at the bottom of the unit, they would have to survive 140 degrees every time you turn on the unit as it gets that hot down there. Hope this helps.

    Disclaimer: I make the packtite

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