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Cast Skin ID Please [a: not bed bug cast skin]

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  1. yikes_bugs

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Sat Nov 28 2015 20:32:24

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    I have been dealing with bed bugs for a few months and now in a wait mode after I was cleared by one PCO and a canine inspection. My exact story is here:

    I was cleaning my brand new bed frame today which is protected by climb ups and found the below. When I found it, it was wet (I was steaming) and probably squished and looked like a bed bug cast skin. I put it in the sun to take photos to paste it here and after drying it looked different and probably not bed bug related. Do cast skins change shape or disintegrate after becoming wet and then being in the sun. Need some experts inputs. I have taken many pictures to help the experts. Thank You

  2. jim danca

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Sat Nov 28 2015 21:37:47

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    Not a cast skin.

    PCO and inventor of a bio active bedbug trap

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