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Carpet beetle "shells" under my bed

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  1. imhorrified

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Tue Feb 20 2018 17:28:12

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    Before I start off I want to preface with the fact that I'm flipping out because I have an enormous bug phobia.

    Okay so for the past 8 months or so, I'd occasionally see a super tiny big crawling on my white duvet. No big deal, it was small, black, and had almost a ladybug-like pattern on it's back. Squish it and move on with my life.

    As time progressed I began to see more of these to the point where it concerned me but again, I thought nothing of it because I saw one probably once a month maximum. My bed has drawers underneath that I store clothes I rarely use in, but keep for sentimental purposes (clothes my late father gave me, clothing that I would like my future children to have, etc.,)

    I almost NEVER check down there, but today I lost something and decided to check to see if it was in one of these drawers. Now, there weren't these shell casings everywhere but in one drawer in particular, I'd venture to say there were about 20 spread across several shirts and some fuzzy socks I haven't really worn.

    And the grossest part was that there were a couple live ones. Horrified, I removed all the clothes and placed them in the washer, but haven't washed them yet. More on that in a bit.

    I work in fashion and clothing and have several wool items that I try to keep in pristine condition. After I put the clothes in the wash, I vaccuumed underneath my dresser (where I keep wool stuff, because something ate my wool sweater in the past in the closet), underneath my bed (everywhere I could anyways, as the draws block some of the carpet), vaccuumed the drawers, and am on path to vacuum the rest of my bedroom.

    So, I have these carpet beetle shell-things on my clothes in the wash. Will a good hot/cold wash get them out? Can I put them back under my bed and forget this even happened? Or will larvae still live within them? Keep in mind, all the clothes under the bed were all made of synthetic materials. No wool/fur/silk. I'd like not to dry clean everything because even though some stuff holds sentimental value, it's a LOT of stuff.

    Also, I wanted to note that I haven't experienced any bites or rashes, so these creatures aren't irritating my skin. Oh, and I've read through a couple other threads on this site and haven't seen a concrete answer to my question. Please refrain from using acronyms because I don't know the bug lingo. Thanks!

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