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Carpet Beetle or Bed Bug?

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  1. AnxiousAngela1989

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    Posted 3 weeks ago
    Sat Nov 16 2019 21:04:54

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    I just found this bug on my kitchen wall, I think it's a carpet beetle but just wanted to ask other people's opinions- could it be a bed bug?
    Thanks everyone for any help you can give!

    78458653_470032260291734_6240575047157678080_n by Anxious Angela, on Flickr

    76710701_436729263681257_2446422081995276288_n by Anxious Angela, on Flickr

  2. BedBugsLondon

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    Posted 3 weeks ago
    Sun Nov 17 2019 5:16:14

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    Definitely not a bed bug

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