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Can't find any bed bug sheddings or bed bugs hiding spots.

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  1. Pendirection

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Sun Oct 18 2015 19:27:33

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    I started getting bit about a month ago then the night after that i found a live bed bug. I sleep on the floor on a simple blanket. Too afraid to buy a new bed after my most recent bed bug scare. I recently moved to a new apartment. I bought diatomaceous earth and poured it on the locations where the carpet meets the walls, around my computer desk, around my computer chair, and around my sleeping area. I stopped receiving bites for about a week. After that, I woke up to around 17 red welts probably less. On my fingers, stomach area, and two around my neck area. After getting bit again, I poured more around my sleeping area and found a bed bug on my head after waking up. I was curious if the bed bugs moved to other rooms in my apartment. Yup, I found a couple of BBs in my sisters room hiding in the part where the carpet meets the wall. And found 4 small seperate nests where the carpet meets the wall in the living room. My sister and my parents don't have any bed bugs. I keep getting bit everyday and just recently i woke up to welts on my thigh where it meets the crotch, arms, thighs, hands, and legs. But the redness fades after not scratching it for an hour. Practically invisible, can DE cause itchy welts? Or is it bed bug bites? How large is my infestation. I've found live bed bugs near my sleeping area but i have found no shedding or no bed bugs hideouts in my room after looking in my closet, windows, mirror, computer desk, and the blanket I sleep on but I have found one chilling on the ceiling. Where else should I look? Should i call a professional?

  2. KillerQueen

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Sun Oct 18 2015 21:01:01

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    First - Post a picture of what you found so that it can be ID'ed correctly.

    Second - Stop "pouring" DE - Thats not how you apply it.

    Third - If this is bed bugs - Get a professional in for treatment.

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