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Can you imagine bed bug symptoms into existence?

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  1. FreakingOut2

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Fri Oct 16 2015 0:55:05

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    I had bed bugs two years ago in college due to an infested couch me and my sister bought secondhand. We immediately caught it, tossed the couch, got our apartment professionally treated, and cleaned/bagged the entire apartment before we even had a chance to move into it. After that, despite there being no signs of bed bugs, I wasn't been able to sleep well (or at all) at night at all and I always feel itchy and paranoid. (I was crazy upon the first instance of finding it since I'd done research on them after waking up one morning in a hotel with lots of red bumps and I knew what sneaky little bastards they are. I used to get naked and spray my entire body with rubbing alcohol as well as my shoes and clothes and sit crying in a fetal position... it was that level of crazy and more! I've never been quite as sane as I was before since. Also, side note/tip: once, during the infestation, I sprayed my shoes a ton with a bottle of the rubbing alcohol and a bed bug ran out of the underlining of the shoe like it was panicking and then ran back inside the lining as I kept spraying it. I think it eventually died but I tossed the shoes before I found out.)

    Anyway, I just spent a year in Spain post-graduation and moved back home with my parents after getting married a few weeks ago. Both in Spain, and at home, and in every hotel we went to on our honeymoon, I was always afraid of having bedbugs. In my apartment in Spain, I would find bumps all over my body upon waking up that would fade to nothing later in the day and made me feel like I imagined the entire thing. Now the same thing happens when I'm back home but I feel a lot itchier and I can see small raised red bumps all over the more sensitive parts of my body (like my stomach and near my underarms) ESPECIALLY after I take a shower. What's making me panic this time though is that some of the bumps stay and new ones seem to be cropping up. This time I feel like I'm trying to be more in denial than I was before because I haven't actually SEEN one yet, and honestly I really don't want to. My husband keeps getting angry with me for being so paranoid all the time and says I'm completely imagining it and that he doesn't have any bumps himself. However, lately he does seem to be itchier (he doesn't have any bumps anywhere though which is odd cause his skin is a lot more sensitive and much whiter than mine) and after looking at my bumps is starting to believe me more. I can't sleep at night and I'm already practically ruining our marriage (just three weeks in too) with how paranoid and sleep-deprived I am all the time.

    Does ANYONE have symptoms like this that turned out to just be psychological or did it turn out to be another infestation? I can't imagine that I'm just imagining all these bumps and itches but at the same time I wish I were... At this point I'm just desperately researching on the internet and avoiding bed as much as possible. I feel better just writing this all down but I would be interested to hear about anyone who actually did just imagine red bumps into existence. Please let me know! Anything helps!

  2. tripturnedintoanightmare

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Fri Oct 16 2015 5:30:31

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    I had the same symptoms at the evry beginning of my infestation: the first bump was a little tiny bump that appeared on my arm and disappeared 3 or 4 hours after, then another one 3 days later on my shoulder that disappeared quickly too, then 3 days later, it started to become red bumps, more important and more itchy (and this is when I had no doubts; I knew they were in my apartment).

    If you don't see any you should call a good, professionala nd honest bedbug dog team and then you will know.

    Good luck to you (I hope for you it's not bedbugs but it definitely sounds like it but only professionals coming to your place can tell you).


  3. bugswillpass

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Fri Oct 16 2015 6:02:23

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    I live in Europe at the moment and since I moved to a hotter area than I was last year my skin has gone totally crazy. Heat rash, dry skin from the harsh water, pimples which I never used to get, and mysterious red bumps that come up and disappear quickly. We had bedbugs confirmed here and have been treated for them - my skin cleared up for a couple of weeks but now has started to play up again. Suspicious lines of red bumps in the mornings. I was paranoid about bugs before we found them so I too wondered if I was somehow causing these skin reactions with my fears. However, this time I was fairly certain we'd managed to get rid of them so wasn't expecting anything else to crop up.

    It's probably worth having a professional to come in and check. For nothing else, it's worth it for the peace of mind.

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