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Can They Be Contained to One Room?

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    Sun Mar 11 2018 20:56:57

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    Well, I’m now facing one of my worst nightmares — My roommate approached me and informed me he had found a bed bug. He bagged it up and showed me. Apparently, his girlfriend had bed bugs and didn’t tell anyone.

    I immediately bagged up what I could and threw it in my car to take out to be heated. In the meantime, I hired a dog to sniff around. The dog only had a positive hit in my roommate’s room and specifically on his bed, nothing in my room or any of the common areas or any other area of his room. With this knowledge and basic knowledge about bed bug behavior, I booked it to a friend’s place and left my stuff bagged in my car while I heat treat them and re-bag them. I’m hoping the bugs won’t migrate to a room without anyone in it, but I’m putting out a CO2 monitor just to check.

    Despite the single hit, I hired a PCO to come perform a heat treatment on my room and his room, and spray our rooms, a third roommate’s room, and common areas. We went from discover to treatment in 3 days. The PCO claimed their chemical treatment was 90% effective on the first try, and with the heat combo, should be closer to 99%; I have my doubts, but their online reviews seem to corroborate this.

    I was planning on moving at the end of the month, but am going to try and delay that. I’m really not holding it together well. I’ve had a terrible past 6 months and this pushed me over the edge; I had a mental breakdown, threw away a bunch of my stuff, and needed to go to a hospital.

    Ultimately, I’m wondering if I’m overreacting. Is it possible to have a small infestation in one room/one bed, and to keep it controlled? If I get another dog in 30 days (waiting 30 days after pesticide treatment) and get the all-clear, how safe is it for me to move my stuff? Should I rent a truck and vikane treat it? I’ve also considered renting a storage locker and starting all over from scratch.

    Do I event need to do *anything*? I mean, if the hit was in one room and early enough, we treated after a few days, and even got extraneous treatment by heating my room what can I do to guarantee my sanity?

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