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Can Temprid be vacuumed/used with Cimexa?

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  1. buggedintheUSA

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    Posted 8 months ago
    Fri May 11 2018 17:39:37

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    My PCO came out for second spray treatment 4 days ago (a mix of Temprid FX and Nyguard IGR). He focused the spray along the carpet floor and baseboards of our basement. After the first spray he instructed me not to vacuum for 7 days, but I forgot to ask him about vacuuming after the second treatment. I know that Temprid is a residual product, so my first question is: is it okay to do a quick vacuum of my carpet floor without disturbing the residual from the Temprid, or will I vacuum all the residual up?

    My second question is, can Cimexa be used with Temprid? I'm thinking about doing a light dusting of Cimexa a few inches out from the base boards on the carpet, and maybe a bit on the wall along the ceiling to catch any bugs that might somehow crawl up to the ceiling and drop, as well as in my metal bed frame. I read somewhere that DE is not suggested with spraying, so I was wondering if the same rule applied to Cimexa dust.

    I have tried searching for these questions with no results so I apologize if they are repeats. Thank you in advance.

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