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Can someone please help me?

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  1. Lumarg

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Wed May 2 2018 1:07:41

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    Maybe its not the right place but since id started searching for evidence of BB i am gogin crazy thinking that maybe i have some secret infestation, it all started when id found a cigarette beetle in my bed and thought it was a bb and now i cant stop thinking that i have bb in my room, i even feel them bite me but there is no evidence, im so scared

  2. WeltsAbound

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    Posted 12 months ago
    Tue Sep 18 2018 13:47:00

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    I'm not sure if you'd still be checking for responses, but in case you are/in case someone else feels the same way as you:

    Fear is not always a logical thing. These are geoss, no doubt. But they don't hurt you. They're objectively not much different than ants or mosquitos in your home--maybe safer, since mosquitos spread disease, but we don't freak out about them.

    We don't even know that you have BBs right now, and worrying that you do won't sway the outcome either way.

    Monitoring is your best bet right now, and many other posts here can guide you on that. You could also consider paying for a professional inspection, to get treatment started or to set your mind at ease.

    This is a problem with a lot of baggage attached. Baggage isn't truth. You are safe. This can be dealt with. It isn't permanent. You will get by. Repeat as much as needed.

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