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Can someone advise me please!!

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  1. Wampole89

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Tue May 2 2017 2:22:02

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    Hello everyone unfortunately I'm battling bed bugs and found this site. I'm in need of some direction and advice.
    Okay where to start, well I've been dealing with bed bugs and treatment process since March 17th, but I had signs of them since Dec. 2016. My 7yr. Old son was getting bit but I didn't know it was bed bugs. At first I thought fleas from the new kitten my son got for Christmas but what I was seeing were hives I took him to the doctor twice because my poor boy had hives and itching all over his body. I had his school calling me and questioning me about his spots and how his bad itching was really bothering him. The school thought scabies I freaked out (I'm very OCD & Clean freak worse thing to have with this!!!) his doctor told me he's having an allergic reaction to something I thought it was the kitten so we gave her to family. The doctor said it can take up to 3mo. To clear of dander. He was still getting hives and itching bad after I kept throughoutly cleaning then my son got out of bed to hand me a bug he saw on his bed I instantly googled and found out it was a bed bug. After I found one I kept finding them.... I couldn't sleep and instantly did research and by morning I had my house prepared and ready for exterminator. I notified my apartment manager and I told her I had a feeling it might be my neighbor. Sadly my neighbor is extremely dirty I'm not even over exaggerating either. Suddenly I remembered she told me she no longer let a friend over because of bed bugs, that was over a year ago! In December she was setting off bombs in her apartment to get rid of gnats and she also gave me tons of girl clothes and shoes. When I started heat treating everything inside my apartment and inspecting everything I found dead bed bugs in shoes I just heat treated in which she gave me. I was so completely throughout in doing everything to properly & effectively treat. I told her I got bed bugs and urged her to get treated to be on safe side since her little girls play with my son all the time. Sadly this woman doesn't see how dirty she is or even notice the awful foul smell of her place, it's like a hoarders disease or something but with uncleanliness.
    The exterminator walked into her apartment for 5min. Came out and said they need to check the unit on the other side of her as well. Which was treated too. The exterminator said I had one little cluster in my room on my mattress. I threw away my blankets, mattress, and everything I had stored under my bed. He said he didn't see anything in my son's room or the living room, but the second bug I found was on my couch I found at least 5 on it prior to 1st treatment. The exterminator told me I didn't need to throw away any furniture and he was confident telling my apartment manager that I would get rid of them completely after 1 treatment but my neighbor is going to need at least 3 treatments and will need to be highly monitored. I asked about a two week check after 1st treatment but was denied and told that it was not necessary. 3wks after treatment I started seeing them on my couch, my son was getting bit, and now my 10 month old daughter was as well. I told my apartment manager she kept telling me they are just eggs hatching and will die. I told her no that I'm finding adults and mature fat ones and longer skinnier ones. I flipped again this time I demanded to be treated again and I've gotten rid of all furniture. My son had a really nice wooden captain bed with 6 storage drawers I dumped the bins full of toys into a strong chemical hot bath and washed all his toys....i saw so many! I found alive ones dead ones babies and mature fat huge ones moving! I asked the apartment manager if I can move to an open unit. She said I'm not moving anyone for no reason! I lost it!! I'm a single mother of two and a 3rd on the way. I'm doing everything possible but how will I ever get rid of them if my neighbor isn't doing what needs to be done. She said why would I let you infect another unit?! I threw away everything!!! I've heat treated every single item possible and placed into bins stacked in my kitchen. I've been waiting for exterminator for almost 3wks because they were booked. I was going to school full-time 15 credit hours and was on an appeal to finish up and get my degree (they only allow you to appeal once and you can't fail or drop any classes) my course load required 70hrs a week for school work. Needless to say I was 4wks from end of semester and did not make it. The bed bug situation consumed me. I've spent so far $875 in all this. I'm constantly vacuuming and washing and heat treating while waiting for round two treatment. I dump my canaster to my vaccum after every time Im washing the few bed linens I have left weekly. My neighbor hasn't done anything!!!! I never hear her vaccum or see her take any laundry out of her house! I was sweeping my porch and could smell awful odor radiating from her front window! My apartment manager said I was judging her and that she is taking care of it..... No I'm not I was her friend I've tried 5 times helping her get her house clean and organized until I finally gave up because she doesn't see it. Then my apartment manager told me its my fault for letting her and her girls in my apartment and when I told her I've contacted health department and willing to do whatever it takes she said that's fine I'll tell them your the one who informed me about her having bed bugs and it's your fault you got them!!! I didn't even remember my neighbor mentioning about bed bugs till I got infested and I told her I never saw them at her place and that I only assumed that's who I got them from. I don't know what to do I can't spend anymore money, I can't afford to move to a whole different place so what do I do?!! I won't ever fully rid of them living next to my neighbor. I can't afford a 3rd round of all this! Someone please help me!

  2. BattleoftheBug

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Tue May 2 2017 12:58:54

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    Hi--so sorry you're going through this nightmare. The threat of your manager doesn't make any sense. Why shouldn't you have informed her about your neighbor? Tell me what state you live in and I'll look up the law regarding landlord responsibility. It varies somewhat throughout the nation.
    Are you on a lease? If so, the landlord may be breaking it [via shoddy management] because you have the right to the peaceful enjoyment of your apartment as a tenant. That does not include bedbugs all over the place. You are not to blame in any way, no matter what you've been told, if the adjacent unit is crawling with bugs.

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