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Can identify this brand of exterminator spray?

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  1. nonamedone

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Wed Aug 10 2011 22:42:55

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    My landlord decided to go DIY with the bed bug treatment, a fact I am not happy about. I am trying to identify the exterminator-grade spray that he is using though, because I want to know more about safety, best practices, effectiveness, resilience, etc. I sprayed it on my couch where I now sleep (and get bitten) and I'm worried that sleeping on it may make me sick.

    Today the super was busy and (wait for it...) just gave it to me to spray my own apartment, which I did. I also took a picture so that I can get more information.

    Can someone identify what this is? It is a liquid that comes in a spray bottle.

    The photo is

    I should mention that I was told that this was bought from an exterminator.

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