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Can I move with bedbugs & insure I do not bring them with me!

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  1. BBroommate

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    Posted 3 weeks ago
    Sun May 6 2018 6:20:09

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    Ive been dealing with BBs after moving into a "friends" paying weekly but knowing i would need long term arrangements. About a week after staying i broke out in an horrible rash all over that consumed me! At the time i thought is was a virus i caught from my boyfriends kids whom i was living with prior to moving here. I seeked medical help trying to prevent the house hold from getting what i had. 1st doctors visit i was told it was a stress rash (as i took the breakup really hard & had an enormous amount of stuff going on in my life that warranted more stress than most could take at one time.). Then tge 2nd visit only to be diagnosed with scabies. The cream helped some, along with rubbing alcohol that i was putting on several times a day because of the breaking of skin all over me & my inability to stop scratching. In sure washing & spraying everything helped too. but the rash only got a tad better & continued. However, after seeing a bug on me while i slept i started to think BBs, but it was tricky diagnosing because 2 house hold members didnt have a single bite mark or get bothered by them & the other 2 roommates bites werent near as bad as mine & because of the mother/who i rent from & claimed it was mosquitos & fleas (living in the south in USA where mosquitos are heavy during warm months). Finally after a month i found evidence of bed bugs. However my landlord whom i live with can care less about it because only bothers her some & not near as much as me, llus she stays at her boyfriendd now so only here enough to think its "mosquitos" though i know better. she has only half way taken precautions to do anything about it. She got rid of the 2 couches she had that were badly infested with them & i sprayed & cleaned the house heavily, & i did a great job but ran out of poison & only had her bedroom & master bath to finish which she claimed did while i worked on moving out of my old house with the agreement that i would only bring all the stuff i did that she wanted to use of mine after she assured she did everything i told her to for bedbugs & assured we were rid of them (I told her to wash & dry all clothes, spray everywhere, empty the vacuum etc etc). But She downplayed so much h i had no idea how bad BBs really were then & trusted her advice instead of looking into furtger then & now i just feel plan dumb to of believed her because 4months later BOOM they were back! I have taken SOME precautions but just cant afford the stuff need on my own & she is the laziest person ever come to find out & i have back issues where just cant do EVERYTHING needed. I even passed on a chance to move because of BBs not wanting to bring them with me. I have gotten them down a good bit to where dont bother me like did before, but know still have them after spotting in bed. But i cant stand living here anymore & cant pass up the opportunity to move again now that one has come up. But have to move in the next 2 weeks. Most my stuff i can wash & dry & i can take loads over tge next 2 weeks, but i do have a pleather couch that has fabric under the cushions & because of sentimental value would like to take. also have a love seat that is a bamboo stand & can remove the fabric cushions & do whatever need to assure kill BBs (besides get rid of them if possible). But i also have tons of kitchen items, boxes & boxes of paperwork have to keep, nice framed wall paintings that have paper backing & will be worth nothing if rip open, electronics of all sorts & a ton of stuff sitting in storage here brought & tons & tons of nick naks plus a few small furniture pieces like a night stand. Also have area rugs. In also worried about my shoes transferring them as i found BBs this winter in my boots. Please help me figure out a way to insure i dont bring them with me to the home moving to & help me do so on a budget (or if can tell me alabama laws on who's responsible for this or how i can find out when i dont have a written lease & only rent a room) as I'm on a very low income thats unliveable as is. And my roommate is just horrible! all i keep reading is "dont move! dont move!" But with this roommate from hell i cant get rid of all the BBs in the whole house & have to only worry about me now since thisliving situation is beyond toxic to me in multiple ways excluding just BBs even! I have lost my sanity for long enough & need help please!
    Thank you for any & all help in advance! I fear without it i may end up on the news for actions done due to insanity that I much rather avoid lol! The only way is to move out, but can't bring BBs to the kind people taking me in! I refuse to do what has been done to me to someonw so sweet trying to help me out of this situation!

  2. bedbugsbugme

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    Posted 2 weeks ago
    Mon May 7 2018 12:52:59

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    If you can afford it, rent a Uhaul and have an exterminator heat treat your stuff inside of it. Other than that I have no other suggestions. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable can chime in.

    I'm not an expert. Just sharing what I learned from my experience.
  3. Bugsareicky

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    Posted 2 weeks ago
    Tue May 8 2018 19:44:10

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    These items you're listing can all be treated, but 2 weeks is going to be REALLY hard.
    Laundry - wash and dry on high heat, bag air tight. (large ziplocks are great and much cheaper than air tight bins)
    Anything that does not have cracks or crevices (certain nicknacks, ext) can be wiped down with alcohol.
    Dishes and kitchen items (no cracks or crevices) just wash as you normally would.
    Papers - you will have to sort through these one by one and check for any insects or eggs. Eggs are very easy to miss on white paper. I would also put these into large zip lock bags and be super cautious when you need to take these papers out again. If you can keep these sealed for a few weeks, pest strips would be a good idea.
    electronics, paintings, nicknacks with hard to reach places - these can be treated in air tight bins with Nuvan pest strips. Read the label carefully, these can be very dangerous if they're handled improperly.
    Couches - While these can technically be treated, they are VERY difficult to treat. In a 2 week time limit, it's not even possible in my opinion. Eggs can take that long to hatch. Poison that doesn't touch the eggs won't effect them, which means poison is not going to work for you.
    You could rent a moving truck and have that heat treated, but the cost is quite high, and it seems to fail quite a lot.
    My suggestion is to treat most of your items with the dryer, alcohol, and nuvan pest strips. You'll want to bag items and remove them from the house as you go. Unfortunately my only suggestion for your couches is to leave them where they are. If the house is properly treated, they may eventually be saved...but in 2 weeks with a tight budget, it's just a no-go.

    doing all of this in a matter of 2 weeks would be extremely difficult. You may want to de-clutter and bring only your favorite things. Or consider leaving some things behind for a short time. Maybe rent the room for another month (so you'd be renting both places) and slowly move treated things over? If you can do that, I highly recommend it. Leaving without the bugs is no easy task. It definitely took me a LOT longer than 2 weeks to treat everything...and I threw half my stuff out.

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