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Can bites look like tiny slits (cuts) and sting, itch around noon?

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  1. bugparanoia

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Sat Aug 14 2010 14:22:16

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    I am praying I don't have bed bugs, but I've been experiencing some odd things and did travel recently (plus bought a couple of things at a consignment store).

    I see absolutely non of the fecal staining, casings, or bugs anywhere. I have looked very thoroughly with a flashlight and magnifying glass.

    There are three people in the house, and only I seem to have some sort of bite reaction. Around noon I'll feel a pin prick and burn sensation, look at my skin, and see a red spot or often a little tiny slit or cut (sometimes more just a red round spot). They may be slightly itchy, but not much. I've had these on my arms, legs, stomach, chest, and neck (probably on my back, but I can't see it). I discover these around noon, but see no bug when I feel it either.

    I think we've had little ants and carpet beetles, but it from what I've read they don't sound like the culprits.

    Does this sound like bed bugs? If so, what's the next step; would I have to see other evidence before calling an exterminator? Should I see a dermatologist first?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. BugFreeForever

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Sun Aug 15 2010 13:13:27

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    I'm not an expert, just someone who had bed bugs a year and a half ago, and now have them again, at a new apartment. The first time I had them, I had no reaction to bites. Because of the lack of reaction, I was unable to catch my infestation early, and at that time was unaware of the subtle signs. It wasn't until I saw a live one that I knew.

    But during treatment the last time I did finally end up developing a reaction to the bites. Thank goodness, because it's a great early warning, but not conclusive of course, until you find evidence.

    Sometime my bites were exactly as you described (which is why I wanted to post a reply): a tiny slit that shows up later in the day and stings and itches. And sometimes it's a huge welt that appears immediately (tho I never feel the bug... it's rare to feel them on you.) Once the welt goes away later in the day, there are small pin pricks, and often in the BLD pattern. So my reactions vary. Sometimes they are isolated, but I happen to often get BLD patterns. Probably because I toss and turn a lot, thus disturbing the bug as it feeds.

    In my current case, I noticed mosquito bites and a week later noticed some of those bites were in the BLD pattern, making me suspicious. I carefully combed the bed and bedroom and finally found two tiny cast skins in my bed, plus tiny blood dots. Under magnification, there is no doubt what those skins are. So now I am in the process of finding a PCO in Brooklyn, because I have my evidence.

    In your case, if you truly can't find evidence, it might be a good idea to have an inspection. A pro may find something you overlooked. And it will give you peace of mind.

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