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Can anyone help answer a question about bites?

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  1. Britt21

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    Posted 2 months ago
    Fri Aug 3 2018 3:53:49

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    We discovered bed bugs in our home (in our bed and on 1 couch in living room) at the beginning of July. Worst. Month. Of. My. Life! We found them on a Saturday so we did some prep work (DE, got rid of couches, encasements for mattress and box springs) and called pest control on Monday. He came that afternoon and said our infestation was super minimal and he had never seen anyone catch them so early on. He told me what other prep work I needed to do and he came that Friday to do the heat treatment plus he used chemical. No new bites for about about 2ish weeks but this week I've woken up with new bites and so has my daughter. There is a difference though. I responded terribly to the first round of bites I got. Hives, intense itching, oozing, and I had them for what seemed like forever. This go around, they hardly itch and are almost gone, after just discovering them this week. I was SO hopeful that the heat worked, but now have my doubts. The pest control company came back for their weekly visit on Wednesday and m found zero evidence of any bed bugs. It was also brought up that since I reacted so severely to the previous bites, that I'd continue to do so. Therefore nobody can confirm these are bed bug bites. Anyone have input on that?

  2. loubugs

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    Posted 2 months ago
    Fri Aug 3 2018 6:17:20

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    Your skin reactions might not be from bites. Maybe just allergic reaction to allergens. Shed skins, dusts, etc.c

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