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Bugs found in temporary housing and I'm headed home soon

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  1. wellthissucks

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Sun Sep 11 2016 14:09:54

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    Hi guys,

    I've been away from home for a couple months for work and I'm starting the drive back next weekend. Was getting bit and after contacting the company that set up my housing they had people come in and confirm there were BBs in the bed. The entire apartment is getting heat treated this week and the only personal possessions I have with me are clothes, shoes, toiletries, books, and a portable full size piano. They've put me up in a hotel until I leave.

    All I have at the hotel right now is one pair of clothes that I put in the dryer before leaving, my purse, a pair of shoes, and daily makeup. I need to go back today and get clothes to wear to work this week and I'll stick everything in the dryer before taking it. I'm planning on dropping off all excess clothing and my purse the night before the treatment but I'll still have one pair of shoes and the next day's work outfit with me.

    I told the housing company how worried I am about having some in my car because all of my stuff is going right in the car for the drive back and they said they'd talk to the exterminator about options and let me know tomorrow. I didn't think about the piano before but from what I've read online instruments shouldn't stay for heat treatments so I'll ask about that tomorrow as well. I don't have the base with me so it's been just sitting on the floor in the bedroom the whole time.

    Provided they figure out something to do with the car, what other precautions can I take? DE in the car maybe? I'm really, really scared I'm going to bring them back with me. I contacted a guy who runs a K9 company in the last major city I'm passing through on my way home and he said he could have the dog check out all the belongings in the car but recommended drying all clothing again before bringing it home as an extra precaution.

    Advice? Thoughts? I really don't want to have to deal with this after I get home and I'm panicking a little.

  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Sun Sep 11 2016 22:16:06

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    the only personal possessions I have with me are clothes, shoes, toiletries, books, and a portable full size piano.

    Dry clothing on hot and then seal in a clean contractor's bag or XL ziploc type bag. If it's already clean and dry, 30 minutes is probably good for most clothing. You may be able to dry shoes.

    Books, luggage: such items could be sealed in plastic bags in an airtight manner with a DDVP strip inside (see Useful Tools on DDVP).

    Toiletries can be carefully visually inspected. Toiletry bags can be treated as clothing or other items above (depending on material).

    You might seal the piano and go the DDVP route with that also-- assuming the keyboard is full-size and you don't mean the thing is the size of a full piano.

    The k9 is a good idea, if you can find a reputable team. We don't recommend those which don't visually verify their alerts, because then you can't know if you have a false positive.

    The FAQ on what to do if exposed (in the travel FAQs) may help also.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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