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Bugs but no bites. What now??

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  1. nameless

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Mon May 14 2012 4:35:30

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    Hey, I'm new on here but I've been lurking for some time. I'm not sure if my question is unique but I'm having a hard time searching for my answer. So here goes...

    I live in an apartment building. Tight, cramped, yadda yadda. I'm pretty sure at least one of my neighbors had bedbugs if not some. I found this out after they took it upon themselves to throw out their infested mattress. The neighbor in question lives on the top floor which means they carried their UNWRAPPED mattress throughout the hallway before making it to the dumpster. I knew they threw the bed out I just didn't know they had bedbugs. My father actually noticed the bugs in the corners of the bed on his way to the apt & told me about it. Great.

    Well, that was sometime at the end of last year. I'm not sure how bad it was but it's obviously bad enough now that they're seeking refuge elsewhere as I've been SEEING the bugs in my apartment. I've always read that by the time you're seeing them, that you have an infestation or it's getting bad as they're good hiders. HOWEVER, I'm only finding them crawling around on my walls. Every few nights, not every night but I do see them. This worries me from what I have read & I have been weighing my options as obviously the other tenant is ignoring the issue. Maybe my landlord is ignoring it, I'm not sure but they're getting in my house AND IT'S AN ISSUE!

    Thing is, there are 3 of us living here & not 1 bite. Not to say we aren't reacting. I do know that we react to the bites. I tend to react pretty badly. However, not one bite from any of these bugs. So I'm not entirely sure what that means. The fact that I see bugs is a problem but is it really an infestation, or am I just seeing them crawl into my home? If so what kind of action should I take. There's been threats of bombing & I've read that isn't good? So I need to figure out what to do.

    Do I still just treat it as if it was an infestation & go through the whole process or do go about sealing up cracks & prevention techniques? I ask because cash is beyond tight as I lost my job & I can NOT afford any outside help if the landlord isn't providing it. If it's possible to help fix the issue by just sealing things up, throwing some things out (sealed) & washing my clothes to make sure they're fine. I'll do that. Again there have been NO bites on any of us. My bed is isolated but the other bedroom's bed is not & it's wooden. Nothing living in the frames, the mattresses are covers, everything is clear. Also the bugs I have seen are not full of blood. New or old, they are definitely not feeding on us. Its localized to the bedrooms as both are right next to each other. One more than the other but idk if it's because the pipes in there might be an opening & the window has no kind of frame etc. It's also a warmer room. Also, idk if this means anything but I haven't really found any at all on the walls nearest to the beds. The pipes are in the opposite corner diagonal from the bed. The closet is over there as well as that window. Could they just be crawling in from elsewhere & since I'm up at night i just happen to see it?

    I'm sorry this is so long but it's actually taking a mental toll on me as I have an issue with bugs in general. They scare me. The whole idea of this...everything about it is stressing me sick. Headaches, fatigue, nausea, etc. I just feel afraid of my home so to speak. If you read all of this, THANK YOU 7 i love you! Lol, I'm just so tired.

  2. bed-bugscouk

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Mon May 14 2012 6:57:19

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    First steps is to see what the law says your landlord is responsible for in your local area. If they are responsible for the treatment costs then that will help your situation a lot, the FAQ's should explain more.

    Secondly a single bedbug is counted as an infestation so regardless of the fact that you are not responding the the bites it is still classified as an infestation. Now if you can take a picture and post it here it will help as there are lots of people who do not correctly id the insects and that is really the first stage to working out next steps.

    Once confirmed and once you know how is responsible you can start looking at treatment options and methods.

    I personally am not a fan is caulking and sealing unless you know the issue is resolved, I have seen too many cases where all this does is seal bedbugs into places where they are harder to treat and lets face it the efficiency of resolving the issue is the number 1 priority at this stage.

    It is actually good that you don't respond as it cuts down on the stress and suffering, not that he thought of them alone is not stressful but its easier to deal with an infestation when you don't have the added discomfort of dealing with bites.

    Since this may relate to a neighbours in the building I would suggest a building wide educational drive as well, news letter / information sheet link below. If you create an awareness bubble around you it greatly reduces the risk of you getting bedbugs from adjoined neighbours and its really easy to do (just print and post to doors).

    Hope that helps.

    David Cain
    Bed Bugs Limited

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